Software & Modules

CNC Module

The CNC module can be added to any LogiKal version to enable the user to transfer a CNC file to either CNC software or in some cases directly to the machine.

On the left is an example of the "CNC machining" screen in LogiKal showing you the CNC groups & preps in place on the profile this can be investigated further to show the bar drawings for coordinates.

There is also a CNC with Cutting module creating files for CNC machines with Cutting and CNC options.

When we build architectural system databases we can work with the supplier to add and generate standard CNC preps which can then be linked to a machine protocol we set up on the machine. LogiKal produces individual preps when certain actions such as drainage and assigning hardware are made when processing positions in LogiKal, which saves LogiKal users using the independent macros within the CNC machine. Users can use the standard preps created in the architectural system database, amend them for use or even create new preps themselves. All of these features are discussed in training when a user takes the CNC module.

LogiKal is programmed in such a way that it is very versatile to the make and quantity of a CNC machine within your business. You can see on our partner list, manufacturers such as Emmegi and Elumatec. We also link to Abakus, BJM, Camquix, Fom, Mecal, Rotox, Schucam as well as linking to software such as Unilink.

LogiKal is generally hosted on your network so setups can be made to generate CNC files and DXF data so your CNC software and machine can access them in your network.

LogiKal can view your machines CNC Tool stock and automatically assign tools when you process a position and select hardware. This can be used to advise users of collision information or incorrect tools enabled in the machine that cannot perform the preps. Advisory information like this enables the user to control far more from within LogiKal so a fully ready CNC file is created.

On the right is an example of a CNC work plan showing the CNC operator the preps in the CNC file and the tools required. The Barcoding can be activated where your CNC machine allows it, so you can generate labels from your saw to be scanned when loading the bar on to the CNC.

Clamp orientations can be set up in LogiKal to work alongside the CNC Tool file to advise the forced or suggested clamp orientations you require. LogiKal understands 8 profile orientations; you control which is allowed and which you require as a default.

There are a host of other facilities within the CNC module to control needs such as preps rules, exceptions based on lengths, notch types, standard drill sizes and toggling preps on and off. Many more options are available, some directed by CNC machine type.

If you have any questions regarding the CNC module, please contact our office or email us using the contact details at the top of our website.

Demos can be arranged by request.

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