Software & Modules

Processing & Design

LogiKal is a software tool designed to work with architectural system databases. Every profile, hardware & accessory that the system partners supply is added to the database and where necessary has DXF/DWG drawings associated to them. This means that when you build positions in LogiKal you are building production data at the same time.

The clearly arranged user interface in LogiKal enables every user to learn the handling of the software quickly. Windows, doors, curtain walls, shop front elements, sliding doors and folding systems can be entered easily. The properties of each element are determined step by step which guides you through the whole construction process by the software in order to make sure that no detail is missing.

Grid design inputting allows you to create small or large designs incorporating pitches, arches, couplings and facets depending on the architectural system database you are using.

In no time you can select the insertions, profiles, hardware items, glass panes, connection variants, gasket frames and colours in accordance with the requirements of your design. LogiKal automatically checks in the background whether your inputs are technically possible using the technical data built in the architectural system database.

Wall connection designs can be added that can give detailed cross sectional information along with detailed material requirements for complex Cill designs and EPDM wall details.

Dummy mullions and transoms can be inserted horizontally, vertically and slanted at any angle. The program automatically suggests practical connection variants.

U–Value information can be given on profile combinations as you design your position. Adding your glass & panel data can then give you complete U-Value data for your positions.

Window & door hardware can be selected from drop down menus allowing an easy step by step configuration. Predefined or customised hardware packages make inputting very quick. Hardware packages enable you to allocate all required hardware items to a position at the push of a button.

Profile splice and Mullion splicing can be created to give you the accurate material requirements and optimised cutting lists. LogiKal can build wastage factors into projects for accurate pricing for cut and full bars utilisation.

As you can see from the brief description of some of the features in LogiKal, when you have created your detailed positions, you can access accurate estimating reports. These reports can be used to then find your true cost pricing for projects.

There are a host of additional options which allow you to add your own materials to your position designs including labour rates and installation costs.

LogiKal holds all the retail pricing for the architectural system databases and allows you to build in your discount groups. You can also build different estimation types for your clients to then finally utilise the quotation reports to create quotations and drawings.

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