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Reports & Printouts

LogiKal has a wide range of standard reports and printouts; the layout and information shown on these printouts can be customised using the printout settings with each report. You can decide what information is displayed on the printouts and determine for example whether to view whole jobs, phases or only selected positions. You can also combine positions from different jobs and summarise these on a single printout.

Depending on the printouts you are able to edit these either in the LogiKal embedded word processor or directly in Microsoft Word or Excel. LogiKal can interface directly with Microsoft Office making switching from one program to another automatic. The rtf-format is used to transfer to other word processors.

Learn more about some of the individual printouts in LogiKal below.


Based on your inputs, your stated purchasing conditions and supplier price information saved in the database, LogiKal will calculate the purchasing costs of your project. With the aid of the entered overhead expenses and labour costs the complete production costs are calculated and presented clearly. The estimation considers supplier, material and country specific specialties like e.g. profile price calculation per length unit, per weight or per area, colour calculation per perimeter, per boundary box or per profile weight, glass price calculation per project or list prices, per area or graduated under consideration of price steps (e.g. 3-cm-steps) and mark ups, e.g. for transport. You can also determine whether whole profiles or single shells are estimated. Surcharges for wastage can either be defined by you or calculated automatically by LogiKal.

All elements within a project in LogiKal are displayed at a glance on the position drawing. Information regarding the profile colour, profile system and glass can also be shown on this printout.

Material Analysis

The actual material requirements are compared with the purchase order quantities of your project in a clearly arranged way. Thus it is possible to recognise the material purchasing prices instantly and to find the starting-point for profile optimisations quickly.

U Value Report

The U values which are calculated automatically during the input of an element are presented clearly and comprehensively in the U value report. Even for complex geometric constructions you receive correctly calculated U values.

Assembly List

The production documents are sorted by position and broken down into base elements and insertions. Additional parts and accessories can be optionally displayed or blanked out. The program shows curtain walls and their inserts on separate pages.

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