Additional Database

Schüco Database

Current System Database - January 2013

Schϋco ADS 65.NI, Schϋco ADS 65.NI-Ganzglastϋr, Schϋco ADS 75 SL.SI, Schϋco ADS 75 SL.SI+AWS/ADS 75 RL.SI+AWS/ADS75, Schϋco ADS 80 FR30, Schϋco ADS 80 FR60, Schϋco ASS 32 SC, Schϋco ASS 43, Schϋco ASS 48, Schϋco ASS 50, Schϋco ASS 70, Schϋco ASS 70 FD (auswärts), Schϋco ASS 70 FD (einwärts), Schϋco ASS 70.HI ES, Schϋco ASS 77 PD, Schϋco ASS 77 PD.NI, Schϋco ASS80 FD (auswärts), Schϋco ASS 80 FD (einwärts), Schϋco AWS 102, Schϋco AWS 105 CC.HI, Schϋco AWS 50 Top Swing, Schϋco AWS 55 CL, Schϋco AWS 57 RO, Schϋco AWS 60 BS, Schϋco AWS 60 FR30, Schϋco AWS 60 RL, Schϋco AWS 60 TS, Schϋco AWS 65 BS, Schϋco AWS 70 BS.HI, Schϋco AWS 70 FR30, Schϋco AWS 70 ST.HI, Schϋco AWS 75 BC.HI, Schϋco AWS 75 BC.HI+AWS 75 BS.HI+AWS 75 BS.SI, Schϋco AWS 75 BS.HI, Schϋco AWS 75 BC.SI, Schϋco AWS/ADS 50, Schϋco AWS/ADS 50.NI, Schϋco AWS/ADS 60, Schϋco AWS/ADS 65, Schϋco AWS/ADS 65 RL, Schϋco AWS/ADS 70, Schϋco AWS/ADS 75 RL.SI, Schϋco AWS/ADS 75.SI, Schϋco AWS/ADS 90.SI, Schϋco BALCONY, Schϋco FIRSTOP F90, Schϋco FW 50+, Schϋco FW 50+ BF (β), Schϋco FW 50+ DK, Schϋco FW 50+ SG, Schϋco FW 60+, Schϋco FW 60+ BF (β), Schϋco FW 60+ SG, Schϋco RS 120+, Schϋco RS 120N, Schϋco RS 160.HI, Schϋco RS 20N, Schϋco RS 50N F, Schϋco RS 70DH, Schϋco SCC 60, Schϋco SFC 85, Schϋco SMC 50, Schϋco UCC 65 SG (β), Schϋco USC 65

Systems marked with (β) denotes in BETA mode. These systems are often released for use but it is the user’s responsibility to check data before manufacturing using results from LogiKal processing.

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