BM Aluminium are proud partners with CAD-PLAN, the software company behind ATHENA. The integration of ATHENA into your business will allow you to achieve configurations that are usually not possible with LogiKal alone. Our partnership with CAD-PLAN has truly opened the doors to allow LogiKal users to produce highly intricate designs within an efficient timeframe.

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BIM Project with ATHENA

A short general overview of the ATHENA integration with its LogiKal interface in a Revit BIM project.

How to prepare and add construction details in ATHENA and use it in a Revit BIM project.

Using ATHENA in 2D

Using 2D functionalities to draw sheet metal, standard parts, silicone joint, using automated texts, and much more.

Using ATHENA will speed up and clean up your drawing and eliminate errors in the process.

The benefits of 2D+ in ATHENA

After your standard drawing, you would need your workshop drawings. These are easily generated with ATHENA in 2D+.

Projecting details to put length on profiles, adding their cuts at the profile ends as well as putting processings on them.
When this is done, it’s just a couple of clicks to get the entire workshop drawing.

Glazed roof in ATHENA 3D

A short overview of the workflow in ATHENA 3D (with the help of profile from LogiKal). Basic steps by the creating of a glazed roof.

In this movie it’s shown how to analyze axes of a construction and apply the profiles in 3D. After which the bar joints are determined, cuttings are cone on the profile ends. At the end infills are determined and the sheet metal is placed at the roofs surroundings.
After making a 3D element like this, the Live Interface with LogiKal can send the element to LogiKal for your cutting optimalisation and more.

Processing in ATHENA 3D

In this movies we go in a bit deeper into 3D usage of ATHENA.
Assemblies are added to a 3D design, processings on the profiles are made and these assemblies and processings are arranged and transferred throughout the entire model.

Overview of functionalities ATHENA with the Live Interface to LogiKal

A overview of importing a project from LogiKal into ATHENA. Place your front views of your element directly into ATHENA and get your details directly from this front view, with all the fittings in the drawing. Adjust the frame, and both ATHENA and LogiKal get adjusted, no more differences between drawing and LogiKal.

LogiKal 3D Processing

This shows you how easy you can put processings on an element loaded with the Interface.

Processings on the element are added in ATHENA and then send back to LogiKal, after which you are ready for production.

Send it directly to your machines if you want.

LogiKal 3D Overview

In this movie we will build up an element in ATHENA with the usage of LogiKal. Some processes are added, and the element gets uploaded to LogiKal for parts optimalisation, cutting optimalisation, piece lists, and more.

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