“I recently started fabricating aluminium windows, doors and bi-fold doors etc.

Within two weeks we became competent, within 4 weeks moved on to being efficient and within 6 weeks we have established momentum and are ready to scale our business up with volume sales.

This has been achieved with a great deal of expert help from Business Micros and LogiKal.

We have had three formal training sessions and we were frequent users of the help line for 4 weeks. I’m surprised, impressed and very happy with our first two months in the aluminium fabrication business – which we are new to.

I never expected to be so equipped and productive at this early stage”

Craig Miller; Managing Director of ExtendaRoom, gave us this great feedback and after a few training sessions with LogiKal commented how he has moved his business very quickly into quoting and manufacturing.

This has been down to joint training sessions with BM Aluminium and Blyweert Beaufort taking ExtendaRoom through product knowledge training and LogiKal training in tandem.