“We at Fortress Douglas recently purchased a CNC machine for our workshop floor along with the CNC database for LogiKal and have found it to be very beneficial to the company.

At the start we were a bit wary of it thinking that it would require a lot of office and shopfloor time and wouldn’t reduce production times that significantly however this was not the case. Most of the CNC preps have already been created in LogiKal for the two main aluminium systems we use; Metal Technology and Aluprof, and once we got through the few initial teething problems we found it to be very beneficial.

We use the CNC for curtain walling, windows and doors and have found it to be very efficient on all three but have really noticed the benefits in curtain walling and door production.”

This was feedback from Scott at Fortress after the recent addition. They have been using LogiKal with Metal Technologies & Aluprof since 2010.

Fortress recently added the CNC module to their LogiKal installation after taking an Emmegi T3 CNC machine. BM Aluminium worked with Promac, Ireland to configure this machine with LogiKal.