LogiKal with the Smarts Architectural Database

Heritage manufactures and supplies windows, doors and curtain walling in the Smarts Architectural Aluminium system so chose the LogiKal software solution from Business Micros in part because it features a recently redeveloped database for Smarts which includes the addition of Alitherm 300, 600, 700 and Smart Wall. Initially, LogiKal is being used by Heritage to process quotations quickly and accurately and to produce CAD drawings.

Moving forward, Heritage plans to work with Business Micros Aluminium to provide a link via LogiKal to its CNC machining and also to create a dedicated trade interface which will enable trade customers to produce their own quotations in LogiKal and then send orders direct to Heritage for ordering and production.

“David Gower, Director of Heritage Window Systems, said: “After reviewing LogiKal, we felt that the ease of producing quotations for retail, trade and commercial customers suited us. It also allowed us to store quotes centrally and gave us the ability to produce our own shop floor documentation for manufacturing.”

With a 45 year history and a reputation for excellence and expertise, Heritage wanted a software partner which could manage its current requirements but also provide the scope to extend the software in the future to provide further new performance and service enhancements.

Dean Hodges, Managing Director of Business Micros Aluminium, said: “The redeveloped database for Smarts is the latest example of our commitment to maintaining up to date databases for all of the UK aluminium system manufacturers that we work with.”

With all new and existing database developments, Business Micros says that its goal is to make CNC preps a standard part of the database so that linking and automating to CNC machines becomes standard when using any part of a system house’s suite of products.