Fensterbau saw the launch by Orgadata of the latest version of their LogiKal aluminium processing software which is distributed exclusively in the UK by BM Aluminium. LogiKal 11.2 was demonstrated to visitors on the company’s stand and the feedback from visitors was very positive.

Dean Hodges, Managing Director of BM Aluminium who was at the show to review the new software, picked out a couple of new features which he said would be most useful to customers in the UK: “I think users of LogiKal 11.1 will particularly like the faster print preview function in 11.2 for calculations, work orders and quotations, and the fact that they will be able to find their way round reports much more quickly now just by clicking anywhere in the table of contents and going straight to that page.

“Many I’m sure will also be pleased to see that the Fittings Wizard tool introduced in LogiKal 11, which previously could only be used for doors, has proved so popular that it has now been extended to windows as well. This user friendly tool takes users through a step by step process for entering their hardware, saving time and eliminating potential mistakes.

“And, customers who have already introduced the InfoServer factory process control system into their operations, or are thinking about doing so, will like the fact that this now features a messenger app which sends messages directly from production to a smartphone. Users will now be able to see production details instantly on their phone even when they are away from the factory.

“The InfoServer system also has a new exact time export function allowing reports to be generated showing how long each process and production stage is taking, giving them a useful tool to analyse speed and performance.”

Dean added: “Every new version of LogiKal features improvements which have come directly from customer feedback, as well as some new technical enhancements which make the software run more smoothly. I think this latest launch includes the perfect balance of both and I’m sure customers in the UK will be pleased when we roll it out to them later this year.”