The continuing resurgence of aluminium is proving to be very good news for BM Aluminium, the exclusive UK supplier of Orgadata’s specialist LogiKal software solution.

The company, based in Tewkesbury, has seen a 13% increase in turnover this year and an 11% increase in customer numbers. To keep pace with that, it has increased staff numbers by 20% and moved into new, larger offices.

Business Micros Aluminium’s Managing Director Dean Hodges says that its current success, in its 10th anniversary year, is largely down to the growing realisation across the aluminium sector of just what a crucial role software can play in increasing efficiency.

He says: “Software used to be seen as an everyday requirement for processing orders into production but, for many, it is increasingly being viewed as a crucial part of their business, capable of delivering meaningful cost and time savings. By linking their estimation, drawing office and production functions using LogiKal, fabricators are seeing just how easily they can reduce manpower and speed up their operations. As a result, they can easily quantify payback and are more willing than ever to invest.”

Also key to BM Aluminium’s ongoing success is the number of companies who are investing in CNC machinery and requiring machine links to be created in LogiKal. Dean adds: “There is a real confidence across the aluminium sector at the moment and the boom in machinery orders is having a positive impact on our business. We have a specialist team who set up machine links for customers and they are probably busier than they have ever been.”

BM Aluminium has also launched its InfoServer module this year which allows fabricators to move towards paperless production and increase efficiency still further. The company has already completed a successful installation at Newbury Commercial Glazing and predicts that this will be one of the main drivers of its growth in the coming year.

Dean concludes: “We’ve had a record year in 2016/17 and are very optimistic about 2018. We are certainly not complacent though. We plan to keep on reinvesting in our team and in our products to keep pace with the expanding market.”