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With the BIM working method, a 3D model of a building contains all the data and information and connects the various trades. The BIM interface from Logikal enables you to work with architects in an uncomplicated manner. The dimensions of windows and doors for Logikal can be made available from a Revit building model by the architect. You can carry out production planning with these imported positions in Logikal. Logikal then returns the finished data and parameters to the architect’s BIM model. This enables you to collaborate on projects that have to be carried out with the help of BIM models – a standard that is being used more and more around the world.

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    System Requirements
    Autodesk Revit Version 2017 or newer *
    Logikal Revit Plugin Version from Version 1.4
    BIM license on the Logikal dongle
    For the Revit plugin, you need access to a Logikal installation

    See How Revit Plug-in Works

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    Revit Features

    • Estimation/Quotation and Fabrication details
    • Position Library
    • Grid Price Lists
    • Customisable Outputs
    • Profile Optimisation
    • User database customisation
    • Interfaces to 3rd Party software

    Full integration with BM Aluminium

    As part of the Logikal database everything that they need to start fabrication is at the finger-tips of fabricators. It’s an instant win!

    Nigel Headford, Deceuninck

    Revit Installation Instructions

    Discover the quick and easy way to add Revit Plugin to your Logikal software.

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    • Curtain Wall
    • Doors
    • Windows

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