The iPhone which most of us carry round in our pockets is actually a powerful personal computer capable of doing extraordinary things – yet most of us just use it for emails, texting, music and photos. As long as it fulfils our needs, we don’t worry too much about how much more we could be doing or what we’re missing out on.

That’s until we make an appointment at a Genius bar in one of the Apple stores of course, and see just what our phone could be doing for us, if only we had someone knowledgeable and experienced to show us.

It’s a similar thing with any kind of software set up, including BM Aluminium’s LogiKal system. In our experience, most fabricators use LogiKal for processing and estimating in aluminium and are entirely happy that it is doing pretty much exactly what they want it to do.

What we’re increasingly asking those fabricators though is, if they had the BM Aluminium equivalent of an Apple Genius to really show them around the software, how much more could they be doing with it?

We talk a lot in our marketing about helping customers to get the most from their software which, for us, means everything from automating additional processes to accessing clever shortcuts. Now, we have a team of experts out on the road who can visit customers, review their whole operation and show them how they could be using LogiKal to its full potential.

It’s not a money making exercise for us and there’s no hard sell – it’s fundamentally about helping our customers to do more with the LogiKal licenses they are already paying for.

We offer a mix of training and consultancy, alongside our support desk which helps customers to resolve problems and install new updates.

Two recent projects illustrate perfectly the benefits of our service to customers. The first was at Linn Tech in Scotland, a long established Seniors Architectural fabricator, who we helped to update their LogiKal installation after 8 years of use.

Like lots of fabricators, Linn Tech had got used to using LogiKal in a way which worked for them, but took our advice in reviewing how they were using it for costing and estimating now that the business was so much bigger. We were able to show them upgrades and clever shortcuts that they hadn’t been using previously and these speeded up the estimating tasks considerably.

After that, we reviewed how they were using it for fabrication and CNC machine links and managed to automate a whole series of tasks to give them Linn Tech a more automated and streamlined fabrication set up.

In Fordingbridge, Hampshire, we have also shown the team at Heritage Window Systems (HWS) how to use LogiKal to streamline the passage of an order from the point of estimation right through final fabrication. We have helped them renew their entire software installation and achieve something really impressive.

We have trained the HWS team how to review bespoke fabrication preps set up over years of using LogiKal and transfer these to a new master template to save themselves huge amounts of time, and also how to implement hardware and machining information and assembly accessories and procedures into their new LogiKal set up.

The benefits are not just internal for HWS either but are being seen by their customers as well because HWS can now use LogiKal to monitor and report on the status of all jobs almost instantly.

Certainly Linn Tech and HWS are not unusual – the vast majority of our customers who have been using LogiKal for more than a few years could undoubtedly benefit from our input. We offer regular training sessions at our premises in Tewkesbury and can deliver training and consultancy at customers’ own factories as required.

LogiKal - BMA284 Heritage Window System installation at The Clockwork Factory