BM Aluminium has just launched its brand new website at highlighting both the LogiKal aluminium processing software which it distributes exclusively in the UK and the innovative new LogiKal MES factory management system.


A new video on the website shows the MES system in action and demonstrates just how easily this new option within LogiKal can transform a factory into a paperless environment, complete with bar code scanning stations and real time full production visibility and monitoring.


LogiKal MES was previewed by BM Aluminium at last year’s FIT Show under the previous InfoServer branding, and the feedback was so positive that it has since been developed at several customers including Newbury Commercial Glazing in Warwick.


Essentially, this software provides the right information to the right workstation at the right time. A push procedure automatically sends the instructions from the work orders generated within LogiKal, which are required for each stage in the production process, direct from the production control centre to the relevant workstation. Once the work has been completed at that stage, further instructions then get sent on to the next one.


It means that work orders don’t need to be printed out and passed around anymore and operators don’t need to move away from their locations to ask for or check instructions because they are all available to view on the touchscreen workshop monitors.


LogiKal MES does away with the need to manually manage Factory Process Control (FPC) documents and makes sure that production is integrated seamlessly with design. If, for some reason, reworking is required at any stage, then that is flagged up straightway to the production manager who can see a suggested solution from the relevant operator and decide immediately whether to accept that or not. If a section needs to be re-ordered, then the software automatically re-sorts the necessary stages within the workflow and starts on the component again from scratch.


Crucially, real time wallboard information screens display the status of every job, alongside a constant update of the entire factory floor. This means everyone involved has access to accurate, up to date information and can make informed decisions about prioritising and scheduling of the factory floor. It also means that customers can be kept better informed about the status of their orders because these are clearly visible to the customer service team.


At the recent Fensterbau exhibition, Orgadata, the developers of LogiKal, introduced a number of new features for both LogiKal and MES. These included a new messenger app for MES which allows users to see production details on their phone or tablet, even when they are away from the factory, and a new exact time export function which enables them to generate reports showing how long each process and production stage is taking, giving users a useful new tool to analyse speed and performance.


Within LogiKal itself, Orgadata launched LogiKal 11.2, which now includes additions such as a faster print preview function to help users find their way round reports more quickly, and a new version of the step by step Fittings Wizard for entering hardware which can now be used for windows as well as doors.


Dean Hodges, Managing Director of BM Aluminium, said: “Every new version of LogiKal features improvements which have come directly from customer feedback, as well as some new technical enhancements which make the software run more smoothly. This latest launch includes the perfect balance of both and we’ll be rolling out LogiKal 11.2 to customers in the UK later this year.”


The new BM Aluminium website is the ideal resource for fabricators to preview the software, read case studies from existing customers and register for demonstrations.