BM Aluminium’s group training sessions are proving increasingly popular with customers who want to make the most of their investments in its LogiKal software programme.


The company has a dedicated training area at its Tewkesbury headquarters where customers can book key members of staff onto cost effective group sessions, rather than having to pay for a BM Aluminium trainer to visit them individually.


Two of the design team from commercial aluminium specialists Polar NE took advantage of this option recently and reported that they learned more than enough during their day at Tewkesbury to easily justify the time and money spent.


Danielle McGrath and Keir McGill had been using LogiKal for around 3 years before the session, having completed all of their training up to that point using on-line tutorials. Whilst they were happy with how the software was improving their design and processing efficiency at Polar NE, they felt that it could be doing even more for them.


Perry Mace, BM Aluminium’s Technical Implementation Manager, is responsible for the LogiKal training sessions and encourages everyone who books onto one to make a list of their objectives beforehand so that he can tailor the content each time.


For Danielle and Keir, their key objectives were to learn how to set up position libraries within LogiKal rather than having to input the details manually each time, and how to input prices so that there is no need to keep these in a separate spreadsheet.


Not only did they cover both these topics during the session, but Perry also demonstrated lots more useful time saving techniques, including shortcuts in how they link with Polar’s new CNC machine and how to set up an AutoCAD plug-in.


Danielle said: “It was really useful to go down to Tewkesbury for a dedicated training day, away from all the usual office distractions. We covered everything we wanted and more. Perry was so thorough and clear that it’s been really easy for us to share all our new knowledge with the rest of the group since we got back. We also know now how we could take LogiKal even further into the business in the future, and it has given us a great insight into some exciting future options.”


BM Aluminium offers regular group training sessions on LogiKal for up to 4 individuals at a time, each lasting 5 hours with plenty of breaks for coffee and lunch. LogiKal users can register their interest via email: [email protected] or via Twitter @BMAluminium.